SmartCars 2

Delta Virtual, Uses Smartcars 2 as our Flight Management System For our Airline.


Delta Virtual, Uses Teamspeak 3 as our default Communication Service which is free to download and use !


Delta Virtual, has schedules all around the globe including more that 40,000 airports and strips.

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Welcome to Tilted Wings Flying

Posted by phpVMS Installer on 06/03/2017

Thanks for stopping by !

Tilted Wings Flying Club consist of many vintage aircraft that are not much seen in the world of virtual aviation or more like it has fell off the face of the earth. Yes im sure that you do love to fly the new and modern aircraft of the aviation world we have today but that is all we ever see anymore. We see our site and "Flying Club" as a lost book from a shelf something that isnt seen or cared for average aviator. We want to see our heritage of the old B25 Mitchell, or the P-51 Mustang, or even a B-17 Bomber. Thats the thing with "Tilted Wings" is we dont really care what aircraft you decide to take a mission or a flight with we just want to spread the spirit of vintage aviation while it still exist,  As well as having developers that release such aircraft that are realistic to the aircraft itself or to that time period. Such as A2A Simulations. We have intergrated our site with the latest smartCARS to work with our site so you can track your flight just like any other airline may do so but you cant just go to any airline and fly a B25 in placement of a modern jet. Thats what makes us unique as well as we are using Teamspeak 3 for communications in HD audio, Is this for you if so click on register at the top of this page ! 

We hope to seeyou soon 

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